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How do you get rid of chests in match three game

You have to match to remove tiles between the key and the chest. The key will come down and open the chest, removing them.


How do you get rid of the cards in match 3 games?



How do you advance levels?

How do you get rid of the cards in the match 3 playin the newest update they turn over numerous times before they finally disappear I am stuck

Me too. Getting frustrated


I would like to know the answer to this also. Thanks!


Can you choose which investigative mode you want to play. (Ie; Mirrored Reality, the popping words one etc) ?

Would like to know this as well


United States When I try to play United States location the game freeze. Do you know why?

What does experience mean? Is it just completely useless and just a trick to make you think you are actually getting something?

The Zoom feature on the recently updated version of Sherlock is not working. Is that part of the new update or is something wrong with the game?

How many of each object do you need in each of the 5 boxes that are before the assembler boxes

Just one. But you also need the 4 Objects which are showed before the assembler box: here it shows for on item maybe 0/3, so you need three of those (3/3), maybe 2 of another and 4 for another and so on. The items also don's show up in sequence. So you probably have multiple objects of one or more items but the last one is still missing.


I have 16275/275 energy items, 78502 coins and 27 crystals. when I click on them - trying to spend them I get taken to the bank to request a payment. Surely if I already have them, I don't need to buy them. If so, what are they for and how do I use them please?

If you find out let me know LOL


Energy allows you to play a chapter. 275 is the max energy for your game level. You need coins to open a new book chapter. You will see when and where to spend red crystals when the opportunity is present. Good luck.


how do i get the collection of souvenirs

Finding them on different quests


What can I use Monster Food items for?

What are the ways to use coins?

You need 20.000 and an amulet to open the next book - as long as you've earned the needed level. Except for this I have no possibilities found to use the coins - ALAS. It would have been great if you could buy crystals with them - but you can't.


Go into the shop, you can buy some of the boosts, tools, chests you just have to scroll down the choices you mostly need crystals but you can buy some things


I dont know that is my question


Yellow brick rd how do you open it is unlocked but cant open

Is purchasing a "Premium Library Card" a one time purchase? or Will you have to buy one for every event?

It is a one time purchase during that event


Every event. You get a lot of prizes. It's worth it if you finish the event out.


How do i catch a criminal for mycroft.

I keep getting a message saying the game is not connected to the internet. But my phone is. How do I fix this

How to use Anti Bomb? And When?

Anti-bombs stop bombs from going off. The bombs will count down and then explode unless you match them (3-match). Once they explode, you lose.


I’m trying to catch up all my locations - any idea on how I can unlock the location for Dracula’s Castle?

Is there a way to move assemblers around. If I need 4 to complete a collection, and only have two, but in another collection there are two, can I combine them to give me the 4 needed? Or do they have to stay where they are?

You don't have two in another collection. You have two that can be used in any collection that requires that item.


How do I get more players to help in Mycrofts office

How do you get more than 3 puzzle pieces for the special event in the office? A person in my "friend" list said she got 300 one time but doesn't know how she did it and she's only done it once. Is there a "special" area I should be investigating 🔎 or some other clue that I don't know?

Side Games? Before downloading this game, it shows you that you have to open 3 locks. In another ad it shows you that you have to find numbers to open the doors. WHERE are these side games???? Even when they run ads they have a cylinder to match up a pipe. I'm level 62 and haven't seen a side game yet. So is that the catch to play the game? To entice you to side games, but they don't exist?

Watson's 'lessons on deduction' puzzles.


What is game experience in in a location mean?

how do you do "gift back"

go into friends. find the friend you want to "gift back" (probably because they sent a gift to YOU), and choose the gift icon, then choose a gift. It will send to that person automatically by having chosen it.


I've never had any monthly events since Secret Garden. How do I get them?

You must update the game every month in order for that month's game to show up. I don't have Enable auto updates on any of my apps so they cannot control my storage. Because of that I have to update every month if I want the monthly chest game. Not every month do I do it. I'm starting to regret doing it for June. It's exceptionally difficult for me this time. I hope you have fun and are a better success at it than I am.


Does anyone know about this glitch in Parisian Slums where some items were hidden inside the basket full of herbs, and nothing can be seen?

What causes levels to temporarily change the energy cost play? eg. “58 + 15”

How do I reach level 9 in a book. When I finish level 8 it goes back to the beginning

I think there are only 8 levels


I hope this is not a foolish question, but when I am asked to find the differences in a puzzle I cannot move the screen to the second picture. How is this accomplished?

You have to look at both screens together (and move both together) . When you see an object that's on one screen but not the other, click on that object.


How do you use tye tools in your inventory

How do you remove “clocks”

Also need to know how you fill them


What is the crown on left sidebar attached to quest mean

If there is a crown, it’s a collection “ready to assemble.”


How do you remove the multicolored gadgets?

Have to match next to them until all yellow spots become purple. Once all have no remaining yellow spots, they all unlock and disappear!


Anyone who know?


I used to be able to watch ads for gems. Now I can no longer do that. What changed?

I also have same problem. Thinking of leaving the game because of this


I have the same problem, any answer?


Once you buy gems on the special offer the free ones disappear they do come back eventually


Same for me. Most irritating.


I had over 62 gems all of a sudden there are only 12 !! What’s that all about


Me as well fed up now.


Try a forced stop in the app settings




Do Mycroft's gifts ever have anything other than a few energy and a few coins?

Yes sometimes you get 30 minutes free


In Plan for the day: I have completed 9 match - 3 levels and the Find 3 collections items each time it comes up as a challenge, however ... Investigating search locations in any mode never gets a check for the 3... I have searched in what is up with that!!!! explain please what am I doing wrong?

You have to complete those levels by searching for hidden objects (in any mode, meaning it is immaterial if the search format is Text, Codeword, Silhouette, etc.). You cannot complete Match 3 levels and count them toward that objective.


Investigation Modes-Are they in random order, or do they follow a pattern?

Investigation Modes

How do you change wishlist itmes

How do I get more knives

The knives for opening the Presents from Mycroft are only awarded by successfully completing hidden object & match 3 puzzles related to the monthly event. These puzzles are accessed via the prominent open book open on the lectern on the far left of the library screen (just to the left of the parlour nook where Doctor Watson often sits). You cannot get the knives from any of the regular book quests. Also the knives from each monthly quest disappear when that quest ends; they don't carry over to the next month's quest.


How to use the crossbow?

To fire the X-bow you must match 3 or more tokens adjacent to it & they must be the same colour as the X-bow. You can also fire the X-bow if you hit it with a blot from another X-bow, or with the "Magnifying Glass" power-up. *Note: the Frogs work the same way as the X-bow.


How do you stop the game from stealing your awards/tokens when it resets?

How do you activate the crossbow in match-3?

Match 3 items of the same colour as the crossbow next to the crossbow


When can I get access to Scrooge’s office?

All the areas related to A Christmas Carole (by Dickens) are related to the special monthly events for — of course — the month of December. If Scrooge's Office or the Cratchit's Home are ever available again, it'll be some future December.


What does crossbow do?

The X-bow shoots virtual bolts along the rows and columns of the match 3 puzzles. These bolts eliminate any tokens in that row or column, such that they a replaced with new ones. The bolts will also destroy any dangers (for example: balloons, & bombs) or blockers (for example: chains, ice, feathers...) in their path. When the X-bow bolt hits a feather, though, the bolt is used up; it doesn't continue on. Finally the bolt will activate any bonus token it hits, such as flasks, barred tokens, and chromatic discs. Beware of this effect because the bonus token is used up in this manner, and it might not be used up in the most advantageous way for you, the player.


What is the “Order” Queen’s Garden?

What is go aboard

How do I get quests in different locations. All my quests stay in Sherlock or Alice in wonderland. I have all others open but no more quests go there.

When you open the books, you can get their specific side quests, usually by completing the first couple of quests related to the story. Once you finish these, you can continue to do puzzles in each of the books' three settings, but there will be no more side quests for that book. As you follow the main questline, though, Holmes & Watson work their way around to each book. Then you'll receive more quests for that book and it's characters as part of the main quest. In playing, I've noticed the main quest return twice to both the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Wizard of Oz. I think the main storyline has revisited Alice in Wonderland, at least thrice! By the way, ever notice that all the books are at least 100 years old? That way their copyrights are expired and G5 can use them without paying any royalties. ;)


How do you complete quest that needs 10 pound note



Answers from players and users:

RE: How would you rate this application?

It's good enough to pass the time, but the game becomes exceeding frustrating without bonuses and power-ups, and the only reliable way to get these is to buy them with *real* money. I've become rather cynical about the whole "Sherlock" experience.


RE: how do you earn gems

Cynical answer: give G5 Games *real* money for them. :/ The only way I've seen to earn them in game is by making level, which gains you 1 (ONE) lousy gem. You also can get 10 gems by filling out the game registration, which involves telling G5 your age, sex, location, birthdate, and email address. I'm sure they would *never* use this info for "push" marketing or resell it, aren't you. Unlike the coveted gems, it's easy to earn in game coins — thousands of them — the trouble is, unlike the gems/crystals, there's almost nothing useful in game that you can get with the coins.


RE: How would you rate this application?

I agree this game is a lot of fun and challenging, but way too expensive. It seems the more levels/books you achieve, the faster your energy goes and it’s almost as if they want you to play less. As for the expense, it is getting out of hand, as the more levels you play the harder they are and you use up all saved items…or end up having to buy something. I am just about ready to move on to a new app…this one is becoming too frustrating and expensive. Sad, as I really enjoyed it.


RE: What is your advice for new users?

What the above poster said! Unfortunately the game is designed make it almost impossible to earn gems/crystals, the only useful currency in the game. :( Like games in a casino, the game itself is designed for the house to win.


RE: how do you earn gems

I recently found, if you click on (example buy chests, for rubies) when the screen shows up showing how many rubies to buy for the purchase of chests, x out of it, and you can watch 5 videos for 5 rubies.


RE: How do you get rid of suitcases

Get them to the bottom of the game board and they fall out.


RE: How do you get rid of gems?

You spend the gems in G5's store. They are the only useful currency in "Sherlock" and they allow you to purchase all the useful power-ups and "activators" that make the game easier (or even tolerably non-frustrating).


RE: Could you share a short guide and tips?

Clicking on the red X is how you remove items from the Wish List, once you no longer need them. This is useful to prevent “Friends” from sending you items that you don’t need. If you need them again, you can always add them back to your Wish List with the green +


RE: how do you earn gems

You can watch adds for gems.


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About Sherlock: Hidden Match-3 Cases

Join the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes in his incredible fresh investigations!

Something wicked is going on in the worlds of well-known books – their plots are changing, with the main characters being defeated while the villains prevail. The magic of literature is at work here, and this magic is real! Now, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Alice in Wonderland, The Incredible Wizard of Oz, and a lot of other classic novels are not at all like you remember them.

Help Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson restore the original plots of the books and deliver justice by solving tricky match-3 puzzles or unraveling hidden object scenes, and complete thrilling quests while searching for the reasons and patterns behind the events. These world-renowned tales helped to shape the history of mankind, so they carry enormous power – and whoever can control that power, will be able to rule the universe. Create sure it falls in the right hands!

Set off on an exciting detective adventure, solve ingenious puzzles and investigate crimes without delay before the real globe turns upside down too!

While this mobile game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unblock optional gifts via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

To find clues and obtain closer to figuring out challenging cases, pay close attention and choose your favorite gameplay mode for any scene:
FIND hidden objects and use them, or
MATCH gems in a row
COMPLETE absorbing quests
EXPLORE colourful spaces from well-known books
MEET familiar characters
SOLVE perplexing puzzles
FOLLOW the gripping storyline
ENJOY regular free updates with fresh books and fascinating cases!

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

Compatibility notes: This mobile game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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